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2595 Bowen Road,
Nanaimo, British Columbia
V9T 3L4

Phone: +1 250-758-5000

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    DO NOT GO HERE!! If you value your money do not trust these people. My wife and I had a terrible experience attempting to buy our first car from this dealership. I originally went to purchase a used vehicle but after test driving an Outlander my wife and I decided this was the perfect car for us. At first, the salesman quoted me the wrong price for the trim style we wanted and the GM (Bruce) was incredibly rude during the conversation. Originally, I was told that they had the car we wanted on the lot. However, then they told me they had to get it from a different dealership. They had assured me we could have the car we wanted in three hours or tomorrow morning. After much conversation I was ready to purchase the vehicle. They said they would bring it over from Vancouver. The salesman (Thai) said he was not looking forward to having to fly over and drive in Vancouver. That did not instill much confidence in us. We asked him to text us a picture of the car that night but he never responded. The next morning we were so excited to go get our car! After waiting most of the morning to hear from them I finally texted to see what was going on. He never went to get the car and lied to us about the situation. Thai said he didn't know about the problem with the vehicle availability until that morning, but he obviously knew the night before as he didn't go to Vancouver. I was furious with the complete lack of communication. I asked for the GM to call me. I had told them from the beginning I had limited time to buy a car as I work out of province. If they had called that morning to tell us the situation and that they were trying to bring it over later in the week we would have understood but they chose instead to remain silent. Bruce never apologized that we were left in the dark, told us he wasn't making any money, he had to pay out of his own pocket for someone to go get the car, we had unrealistic expectations and that he did not want to do business with us. He also said I had no right to be upset that the car was not there when they said it would be! I was in shock. We were spending close to 40, 000 and this was how we were treated. So unprofessional, a complete disregard for customer service and NO RESPECT. Obviously our money was not worth it to them. Buying a car is a big purchase, if you care about your money and want to be treated with a little decency TAKE YOURSELF TO ANOTHER DEALERSHIP. This place is full of liars and does not see you as a human but a money machine.
    by salamon sam
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Nanaimo Mitsubishi is located at 2595 Bowen Road, Nanaimo, British Columbia.